Popular E-Commerce Niches of 2020


When you are thinking about putting up your own e-commerce shop, one of the things that you definitely have to consider is what niche you are going to focus on.

For those of you who do not know, the niche market is a highly specific group that businessmen should think about catering to. The reason why you need to choose one is so that you can start a business, grow your customer base, and then consider expanding in the future.

Of course, finding the right niche is easier said than done. You might find that a certain niche is popular today, but the same cannot be said in one or two years.

There are, however, some niches that are always going to be really good no matter what time of the year. Although competition may be fierce, you can still expect a healthy level of profits if you just provide much better products and services.

Below are just some popular e-commerce niches for 2020.

Pre-planned Meals

Because people live busier lives nowadays, giving them pre-planned foods can easily help you gain some profits. After all, all of us need to eat, right?

We live in a world where obesity rates are always rising and we want to encourage people to eat the right foods. One of the reasons why people resort to fast food is that they do not have to prepare anything; they just buy and eat.

Selling pre-planned meals will not only sure that you are helping the world eat healthier meals but it will also make healthier foods more accessible to the general public.

‘Green’ Products

Since the start of the new millennium, companies are trying their very best to ensure that they are selling products that will not harm the environment. That is why the ‘Green’ initiative was born. This basically means that companies all over the world are encouraged to sell biodegradable, recyclable, or materials that will ultimately not affect the environment in a negative way.

Think about eco-friendly pads, reusable food wrap, among many others. The good thing about this niche is that you can also focus on its sub-niches as well, such as feminine hygiene, reusable food containers, and so on.

Weight Loss

There is without a doubt that the health industry is an evergreen niche, but its sub-niche, the weight loss industry, is also quite booming as well. This is especially true in this day and age where people want to flaunt their bodies on social media.

When you are going to choose this niche, think about selling weight loss supplements, home gym equipment, popular diet plans, and even online courses specifically related to weight loss.

Smartphone Accessories

According to Google, mobile users have trumped their desktop counterparts when it comes to accessing the internet back in 2016. That also means that the percentage of users is just going to increase from there on out. What does this mean?

Well, it means that you can sell smartphone accessories and get rich! Think about selling smartphone screen protectors, amazing (and durable) case protectors, and so much more.