Month: September 2018


Top eCommerce Tips & Strategies from the Minds of Pros

Why E Commerce Is Suddenly The New Black According to The Statistics Portal, the industry of ecommerce web services is thriving, having been predicted to generate around $653 billion this year in sales. More and more businesses are now moving online to take a bite at this opportunity, which also means that the importance of […]

Mobile App

4 Reasons Why People Uninstall Your App

Mobile app development company teams make it a point to create mobile applications that the people will love. Unfortunately, there are some people who will download an app from the store and will ultimately just uninstall it a few minutes after. Why is this so? Four Is The Magic Number Here There are plenty of […]


5 Important SEO Tips and Tricks Every Blogger Should Follow

Search engine optimization is really a fast-paced game. This is the reason why small-business owners are easily intimidated. You should invest a lot of time learning the basics and trends once in a while. Now that 2018 is ending, it’s time once again to review your search engine marketing strategy. Here are some essential SEO […]

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Make Money Using Mobile Apps

Almost everybody owns a smartphone nowadays (except for me, snapped mine into two halves) and there are tons of apps in it developed by application developer. What if we could generate side incomes by using these mobile apps, wouldn’t that be great? Not only you’re procrastinating (80% world population favourite thing to do) but you […]