Wedding Planning 101: 9 Inexpensive Wedding Venues

Wedding event

Are you thinking of planning your wedding anytime soon? The preparation process can be overwhelming and stressful—your stress level would begin to skyrocket! If you want to reduce the costs of your expenses, make use of your creativity and resourcefulness. Explore other options and bring your vision to reality.

Here is a list of some amazing, low-cost wedding locations according to experienced wedding event managements you can consider.

1. A Spacious Barn

If your neighbor owns a barn, you can inquire if it is available to use. It requires a little bit of cleaning and painting jobs, but this can serve as a picturesque venue for your special day. A good idea is to hold the ceremony at the adjacent pasture, while the barn can be used for the reception.

2. A pond

Do you know someone who owns a pond? Inquire if you can do the wedding there. Ask help to clean and decorate the area. With simple flowers and other decorations, this can cut your wedding costs significantly.

3. A Field

A field is spacious and close to nature. Hold your wedding in this location, and you’ll surely come up with lovely photos. All you need to do is arrange all the decorations and mow the lawn to queue in a loving occasion.

4. A State Park

If you want to make use of a waterfall as a background, then consider the state park as your wedding venue. Remember that even parks require special permits and reservations. Just secure them, then you’re good to go. One of the best things about it? There are no entrance fees!

5. A Backyard Pool

A backyard pool can be your ticket to a low-cost yet sweet wedding event. Don’t forget to rent a cheap arch, and have a simple wedding ceremony. Need some decoration ideas? Just a simple arch, flower-filled mason jars, Christmas lights, floating candles and some tables.

6. A Sports Field

If you and your fiancé met in college, consider a venue close to your heart. Inquire about your college’s sports stadium. Colleges and universities love supporting their alumni, so there’s a possibility that you will be allowed to use this location. Inquire about the school’s rules as well.

7. A Favorite Street

It is highly possible to block off a street for your wedding ceremony. However, it may require a permit and a fee. It is also necessary to book this venue many months in advance.

8. A Foyer

If you know someone with a huge foyer and beautiful staircase, then you’re one lucky bride! Ask your friend if it’s possible to use this as a venue for an intimate ceremony. Gorgeous setting for such a little budget.

9. A Church

Are you determined to get married in a church? This is also a good option, since they might let you use their fellowship halls and sanctuaries. Make sure to negotiate though.