Website Footer Best Practices: 7 Things to Put at the Bottom of Your Web Pages

Web Design

1. Keywords for a Strong SEO Strategy

Focus on implementing a good SEO strategy. This is not very hard to address! When it comes to footers, keep in mind that text at the bottom of your website is still text on each page. It is a perfect place to indicate your relevance to search engines. Incorporating the most relevant keywords is a big help.

2. Awards and Certifications

A short of list certifications and awards can instill confidence in website visitors. These are forms of social proof that can establish your credibility. Don’t forget to combine all of your membership logos, certifications and awards in a small “trust box” at the footer.

3. Association Memberships

Just like certifications and wards, association memberships can make a huge positive difference. If you are a member of a reputable firm, include the logo at your website’s footer. A bit unsure how to include this element? Feel free to ask the help of your web design agency.

4. Testimonials

Including testimonials on your website footer is a great way to incorporate social proof throughout your pages. Encourage your happy and satisfied customers to write about their good experience.

. Latest Articles

Are you implementing a new content marketing strategy? You can make this even stronger by giving your website a “pulse” by displaying your latest content on the footer.

6. Upcoming Events

The website footer is also a good place to promote your events. This strategy would be very useful if your business conduct a lot events.

7. Copyright

If you want your footer to only have a single element, then this might be it. Just include the copyright symbol and the year. Including only this is a weak strategy, but it can protect you against plagiarism.