Top eCommerce Tips & Strategies from the Minds of Pros


Why E Commerce Is Suddenly The New Black

According to The Statistics Portal, the industry of ecommerce web services is thriving, having been predicted to generate around $653 billion this year in sales. More and more businesses are now moving online to take a bite at this opportunity, which also means that the importance of attracting customer’s attention cannot be stressed enough. Pick the minds of experts as they give us the strategies for marketing in ecommerce that can give any businesses the edge they need against their competitors.

Grow your store to the fullest with these Pro strategies used in ecommerce:

Create a plan to incorporate multiple platforms

For businesses that want to succeed online, they need to have a comprehensive marketing approach. This is vital because it means you are covering all bases like paid search and email marketing, digital PR, and content creation. Focusing a great deal on your presence online is important as your aim is to grow your audience. Post regularly, start conversations and providing exclusive offers to customers, shows that you pay attention in maintaining these relationships. The reputation of your brand should be strong, to secure customer retention. Seeing customers returning, and not just focusing on new wins is a successful eCommerce strategy.

Payment Convenience is a Priority

People, as it turns out, like to use PayPal. This makes a lot of difference to your customers so make sure that PayPal is included in your payment options (in addition to debit/credit cards). Consider offering shipping for free or at least a minimum purchase to avail free shipping, as research shows that this convenience increases revenue by 90%. Last, customers should be encouraged to write reviews by giving offers (discount codes, incentives), as reviews from customers lead to credibility and increase the conversion.

Checkout should be an easy process

Studies show that customers’ most wanted features are efficiency and convenience, while checking out of ecommerce sites and at the same time having some issues is where 68% of shopping carts online during checkout are abandoned. If buyers are burdened to perform too many actions, move through multiple pages and are forced to fill in too many fields, they will leave as they will lose their patience. Also, unpleasant surprises such as suddenly charged for shipping or is forced to sign up for an account at the end of the checkout process will cause customers to abandon the shopping cart. Reducing the abandonment rate and increase sales by focusing on checkout process and streamlining the procedure should be a must for an ecommerce retailers to get the most from their online store.

For instance, allowing customers to buy products as guests to their ecommerce sites instead of forcing them to sign up for an account can help reduce shopping cart abandonment. Payment through mobile is also a good method to add the convenience up to the process of checkout.

Brand your Links

You can brand your links with your business name where you share them on social media. You can use custom branded links to build credibility to your business instead of using generic URL shorteners like or Branded links allow you to track the number of clicks on these links and it will enhance your brand visibility and recall overtime.

Develop a Strong SEO Strategy

Building a successful ecommerce store means developing and implementing a strong SEO strategy is the key. Having a great store, amazing products and competitive prices won’t mean anything if your potential customers can’t find your store. Ranking for your product names and key term searches through Google helps consumers naturally discover your products and be aware of your business and store. You would also benefit from creating and maintaining an informative and relevant blog which will increase your chances to be found on search engines.

Offering Overnight Delivery service is a plus

A hot trend lately for ecommerce sites is the “Order before 5pm and get your order tomorrow”. Now a day, people want everything fast, if not right away. This trend takes advantage of that desire, where it also helps you to stand out among the others. Cutting your shipping to a day (if you can do it) compared to your competitors who take a week to ship their orders gives you that competitive edge.

Your business will get nowhere by settling for having a standard ecommerce store today. Consider these tips from the pros as you manage your online store and get noticed by your target market today.