Popular Web Design Trends that Businesses Should Care About

Web Design

Did you know that it only takes 50 milliseconds for people to form an opinion about something? So, when you have a website and they visit it for the first time, you have only a small margin to convince them to stay.

Web design is an important aspect of a website. If it makes a good first impression and if it can make it last, then your business will flourish.

So, if you want to know some business website design trends that can help your business, then read on to find out some of the most popular ones that you should actually care about.

Video Content is the Future

Content used to be all about written articles. However, that is not the case anymore this year and for many to come. Video content is on the rise; in fact, people have speculated that it will take over 82% of all internet content by the year 2021.

When creating content, you might want to think about creating a video instead of writing an article. This is not to say that the written text is outdated, it is just that more and more people are going for videos instead.

That is why I encourage all site owners, especially business websites, to have some video content playing on your web page.

However, keep in mind that making your own video would mean that it will require more time and resources from you. But, with that being said, if you would create something that is relevant to the product or service you’re offering, then the rewards will be manifold.

Innovative Storytelling

Just like videos are going to take over in a few years’ time, so will multimedia long-form content. If you’ve come across a website that has scrolling animations where if you scroll down the page, certain graphical elements will start to move to tell a story.

This innovative way of storytelling improves user engagement because they will be more delighted to see a moving content than a static one.

Again, it will take you a lot of time to do it, but the pros actually outweigh the cons in this regard.

Web Books Are Also Good

Now, although I’ve said that multimedia content is going to take over much of the internet traffic for the coming years, I am not saying that written content is dead.

In fact, web books or ebooks that are made specifically for the web are on the rise. Basically, a web book is just like a pdf or epub ebook, but the difference is that the user will be reading it directly from your website and they do not have to download the files themselves.

It is rising in popularity because of the convenience and because they do not have to download other programs just to see some text articles.

So, if you’re a maven in some niche, then create some web books as part of your content portfolio.

Your Core Principles Should Be Evident on Your Website

In everything that you do online- may it be writing content or creating a website, it is important that you follow your own core principles.

If you have a business, surely you have some principles that you live by that has made you successful over the years. In building a site for your venture, make sure to apply those same principles as well.

It is best to confer with your web design team about this early in the process so that they can help bring your vision to the fore.