How to choose the right paint


Choosing the right kind of paint goes beyond just color, as it will have a large impact on the vibe and character of your project or room and every architects & building designers have the ability in fulfilling your needs.

Read up and prevent making mistakes that would eat up your money and time.

Oil-based paint

Oil-based paints are highly durable with a rich finish and can be used on a majority of surfaces. But consider that oil paint emit a strong smell and can’t be washed using water.

Advantages of using oil paints

  • Perfect for high-moisture areas or rooms like the kitchen or bathroom
  • Has an attractive gloss
  • Creates a smooth finish with brush strokes
  • Long dry time ideal for fixes
  • Durable and hard finish

Water-based paint

Water-based paint is easy to use and is usually used for painting walls. Take care when painting over oil-based paints as it will pose a problem sticking to the wall. There are new products now that are like oil-based paint but is a water based product. These are called waterborne enamels.

Advantages of using water-based paint

  • No growth of mildew
  • No need for pre-treatment
  • Low toxic emission
  • Quick drying
  • Cleans up well with water
  • Applicable on a majority of surfaces
  • Resistant to cracking due to its elasticity and flexible finish
  • Stable and doesn’t fade or yellow in the sun

Paint finishes

Options for sheen vary per manufacturer but still share common characteristics. People use sheen to experiment and add texture, depth to their projects.

Gloss and semi-gloss

  • Most reflective of all sheen finishes
  • Ideal for doors, kitchens, window trim, bathroom and accent walls
  • Usually used on doors, baseboards and moldings
  • Makes a statement
  • Can stand up to a number of cleanings due to high durability


  • Velvety in texture
  • Provides depth of color
  • The least reflective of all finishes
  • Can hide flaws in ceilings and walls
  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Considered as the standard finish for walls

Satin and eggshell

  • Has improved durability
  • Has some level of reflectivity
  • Mostly used in areas where easy cleanup is required without the high gloss finish like the bathroom and kitchen

Finishes would depend on the atmosphere you are going for – whether you use matte for that serene and calm vibe, or add excitement and energy using gloss.