How to Choose a Watch for a Man?

CIGA Watches

In the first place, there are three kinds of men’s watches. Mechanical, quartz, hardware. Every ha its own benefits. 


the first was mechanical watches, which were fueled by spirals. The bit of leeway is that the administration life is generally long (this change from individual to individual, and the utilization of nature and ordinary upkeep) has a viable moon stage work (just high-grade watch) innovation is genuinely full grown. 


there will be blunders, for the most part inside 5 to 15 seconds out of every day. I think individuals who like mechanical watches love their social stores and entangled mechanical structure more. 


somewhat more youthful than mechanical. Quartz watches are controlled by batteries and electric engines. 

Preferred position:

can be made exceptionally meager, travel time exact, don’t have to chain, the blunder of a month ten to 30 seconds or something like that. 


you have to substitute the battery for a couple of years. The life of the development is around five to ten years. 

Hardware watches:

dynamic and testing.


ground-breaking, venture out time inside 10 to 30 seconds every year, compass, and so on. 


it will take a year or two to supplant the battery.


material choice. The normal material is unadulterated gold, gold-plated, hardened steel, combination, titanium, elastic, fired. 

Unadulterated gold:

the selling cost is in excess of 10,000 yuan, and there is no undeniable downside.


the cost isn’t fixed, absconds a long time simply to erode. 

Tempered steel, combination, titanium:

it’s this material available, and the cost is correct. Note that perspiring or synthetic work is inclined to consumption. 


another item, reasonable. Shading demonstrating is diversiform. Be careful with elastic sensitivities.


reasonable and delightful. 


the sub-par isn’t exceptionally solid.


focus on after-deal issues. Make an effort not to purchase these things abroad. There is no total thing. Regardless of how an outside watch is, there is constantly an issue for it. 

It should be fixed. There is free after-deals upkeep when all is said in done two years. Where to go available to be purchased? When purchasing, look at whether your city has the approved spot available to be purchased. 

  1. The presence of the watch: the external shell, the surface, and the needle will be free of scratches. The covering will be splendid and uniform, and the joint will be very much associated. 
  2. the watch is beginning to perform: gradually turn the handle to the highest point of the handle, and to take a gander at the second hand, and the less time the clock is turning, the better the beginning execution of the watch. 
  3. Watch lash: it should feel simple to end up with no clamor. The significant thing to note here is that the programmed watch will slip when it’s completely wound, which is ordinary. 
  4. Dial needle of watch: the hand enlistment is agreeable, excessively tight or too free don’t work. The hour imprint will be composed (when the hour imprint is adjusted to 3, 6, 9 and 12 characters separately, the moment imprint will not go amiss from 12 characters +/ – 4-moment framework), and the time, minutes and seconds will not contact one another. 
  5. Manual sound: when the watch is wound, you ought to tune in to the sound of the watch. It ought to be clear and even without clamor, and it ought not to alter the course. 
  6. Strolling exactness of the watch: it should be estimated with a unique instrument, and experts can be approached to check the strolling precision and position mistake after offers of the relating watch brand.