How is Artificial Intelligence Being Used in Online Gambling?


Artificial intelligence is actually being used in a lot of different applications. You can see it in the smartphone and mobile industries, you can see it being used in healthcare, and you can even see it being used in online casinos as well.

So, how do online casinos utilize artificial intelligence? We will discover that and a
whole lot more in this article, so do read further to find out.

AI Integration

Online casinos are actually employing artificial intelligence for the benefit of the players. Now, you might be skeptical since casinos, at the end of the day, are still business entities, but you will be surprised that they actually do care about you (even if it seems that the opposite is true).

It all started when the University of London published a study on how AI can be utilized to protect problem gamblers from spending way too much money.

The casino software developers, as well as the casinos themselves, work in tandem to deliver this utilization in their programs to ensure the protection and safety of all of the players.

Some implementations would give you a notification if you are spending way too much money or that your session will be terminated based on preset parameters that the institution deems to be in the ‘danger zone’.

Although the implementation is in its early stages, this is actually a great idea since
problem gambling has become quite a huge problem in recent memory.


AI is also being integrated into online poker. In fact, it has been used as an experiment in one of the recent poker tournaments (though no winnings were given because all of the players were beaten badly).

Artificial intelligence was used to gauge how it can provide a suitable challenge for players. Before the experiment started, no one knew exactly how it would fare. Much to everyone’s surprise, it was actually really good as it has beaten even the top poker players of this generation.

Despite the fact that it is already good right off the bat, casino software developers would still commit their time in improving it even further.

Online Sports Betting

The previous two use-cases of AI is more about improving the quality of life of players, but as it relates to sports betting, AI is actually being used more in a marketing sense.

Sports betting is basically more of a subscription service nowadays and to help entice bettors to continue placing bets, AI is being used to promote certain sports that they may like.

It studies the behavior of the sports bettors and would provide suitable suggestions as to where they can place bets next.

For online bookmakers, they can use artificial intelligence to promote certain events as well. But, instead of studying past bettor behaviors, they use AI to promote certain events based on who won the last time. This way, bettors are inclined to place bets on the team who won the last time.