Google Clarifies a Few Things


The digital landscape is fast-changing, yet quite predictable. We all know that from time to time, new software and programs are being developed, and that even algorithms constantly encounter modifications.

In line with this, several SEO professionals and website owners notice significant drops and spikes in web traffic these past weeks. This resulted to speculations about Google’s algorithms. Well, Google finally addressed the issue that have been experienced by the seo consulting company in Malaysia.

Below is a summary of what Danny Sullivan, Search Liaison from Google, said in an official statement.

All the noticeable updates are confirmed.

Every time Google releases updates, it is expected to be observed by plenty of website owners to confirm the updates. They referenced the web page speed update in the mobile search results, something that was announced many months before the official rollout.

New updates are released every day.

Google typically releases 1 or more updates every day. These small updates are designed to boost search results.

Google delivers all the core updates.

Google regularly releases some updates that affect its algorithm. It informs website users that no element is there for them to fix. Core updates may roll out in around a week or more.

What happens after all the core updates?

After an algorithm update, efficient content production must be made. Content is the most desired reward of new algorithms.

Raters don’t really impact algorithms.

Search raters cannot have control over how web pages rank in the search results. Their task is to review all the web pages, and give feedback on whether the algorithms are providing great results.

Website owners must learn how to improve their content, depending on how quality raters assess them.