8 Simple Tips for Improving Local SEO


Most businesses, whether online or otherwise, now have websites. This is to help in their venture to engage with their customers a little better than by just relying on conventional advertisements.

That being said, about 50% of customers actually conduct a local Google search to find the best businesses that are near them.

For instance, they might be using Google to search for a fine dining restaurant that is within the area. If you do not employ SEO strategies to take advantage of your locale, then you’re really doing it wrong.

Not taking advantage of Local SEO is a huge mistake and, sadly, a lot of local businesses fail to use it.

Do not make the same blunder. Be different and make sure to use local SEO to improve your income. Here are some simple tips that you can follow:

Use Your Keywords Across Multiple Listings

Part of SEO would have you research some keywords that are r

elevant to your venture. Make use of these keywords across multiple listings to ensure that your business is featured on the Google SERPs.

Furthermore, make sure that your contact information, the name of your establishment, as well as the photo that is being used are all up to date.

Get the Help of Local Media

There are certainly some news outlets in your area and you want to foster relationships with them in order for you to rank higher in the local listings. Befriend a couple of journalists and ask them what they can do to help promote your brand.

Quantity and Quality of Links Are Important

SEO specialist say that better links to your website will bode well for your page rankings. One way to improve the quality of your links is to create some articles or written content and share them with the people around your area.

Do Not Forget to Use Internal Links

A sizable number of businesses actually have poor site structure and that can really hurt their SEO by a lot. Use internal links on relevant articles so people can read more about what you have to offer.

Use Your Keywords to Optimize Your Title

I am pretty sure that you have a lot of targeted keywords ready for use. One way to implement them in a way that provides a lot of impact in return would be to use some of your keywords in your titles.

For example, if your establishment is located in Los Angeles and you’re selling some shoes, you could use something like “basketball shoes Los Angeles”. Using specific keywords such as that will let the search engines know where your business is located.

Set Up a Google My Business Account

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do as a business owner. Set up a Google My Business account and put in all of the information it asks for.

You also need to provide a physical location to your store and make sure that it is accurate. After you’re done setting up your account, you will be included in local listings.

Be as Genuine as Possible

Nobody likes a phony and people will most likely not want to deal with someone who is just in it for the money. When you’re going to put your business in some local listings and on sites like Yelp, Bing, and Google, the information that you put there should be true and authentic.

Moreover, use relevant and unadulterated content like pictures and videos that will help people envision what your business offers.

Don’t Miss the Fine Details

Always proofread your work and make sure to rid it of any grammatical or spelling errors. In addition, you want to leverage the use of titles and meta descriptions to further entice people to click on your website (and possibly attract them to buy from your shop).