7 Tactics Finance Marketers Can Apply on Social Media

Social Media

A good number of financial services are turning to social media for their marketing campaigns. There is no doubt why. Social media has tremendously helped in improving old school marketing efforts for a stronger customer relationship. If your industry revolves around finance, here are ways to encourage people to follow you on social media and get more clients for your business:

1.Use Instagram so we stand out.

This may not be the perfect platform when you are talking about saving money or getting a life insurance. But you can use that fact to actually stand out. In a platform where a lot of posts are about inspirational quotes or even memes, it will be refreshing to see something about a bank’s new service or quote about wealth.

2.Maximize your efforts on Facebook.

It is pretty obvious that this network remains as the number one network in terms of number of users. This is why running an ad on Facebook can bring you so many advantages. The ad targeting options is an opportunity to reach out to the right people.

3.Watch out for the trends on LinkedIn.

With an industry related to finance, it goes without saying that your biggest channel is LinkedIn. If you are looking to expand your network as an advisor, this platform is the best way to go.

4.Explore YouTube marketing.

With big platforms of social media services such like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it is easy to forget this video-sharing platform. But YouTube can be the suitable network for your business if you have instructional videos. This can be a way to build trust with your audience.

5.Display your reviews.

People easily trust businesses that have a good record on public. By that, you can show testimonials and authentic reviews from past clients. Show your potential clients that you can be trusted especially now that your business revolves around money. Urge your customers to review your service and if there are bad ones, learn how to mitigate them properly.

6.Use videos to emotionally engage your audience.

Level up your video strategy by producing content that will engage people on an emotional level. Your theme should revolve around trust, since this is the most important thing to consider when you are in the finance industry.

7.Study the technologies related to Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The number of consumers using these technologies for their transactions is increasing. Don’t say no to the possibility that it could be one of your offerings in your firm. Who knows, in the future it might impact the way you do your business.

Regardless if you are just beginning in social media marketing or have been doing it for quite some time, these tips can definitely help. Continue to learn along the process and don’t forget that change is part of being in social media. Be prepared for new gimmicks and even new technologies when marketing in this platform, where many finance businesses are also trying their luck to promote. Above all, build trust with your followers.