7 Must-Have Features of an E-Commerce Website


What makes an e-commerce website development great? Well, first, it should provide a great user experience. That can only be achieved if it comes with all of the features that are highlighted in this article, such as:

Shopping Cart

What do you usually do when you first arrive at a grocery store? Well, I am willing to bet that you’re going to get a shopping cart first and foremost, right?
Well, that is also the case when it comes to online shopping. Every e-commerce website should come with this as this is going to help your customers buy as many products as they can before they head to the checkout.
You can ask your users to sign-up to your service, but it is also a good idea to not have this as a mandatory process.

Different Payment Options

Some people prefer using credit cards, but not all of them use this medium to pay for stuff online. There are other people who are more willing to use their payment portals such as Paypal or WePay. Provide as many options as you can so that you will gain a lot more customers than your competitors.


Every time a person is asked to pay up, they will feel more secure if you’ve got all of the bases covered. First, you want your website to use the HTTPS encryption protocol for starters.
Next, make sure that your website is hosted on a more secure server so that your customers will not be prone to hacks and any other malicious activities.

Get a Good Hosting Service

You may start your website with an okay hosting service, but as your business grows, you can expect to have more people visit your website. A poor hosting service would always be a problem since it cannot support a lot of people at the same time.
That is why you need to get a good hosting service that is capable of catering to as many people as possible. Using a CDN will help improve your website in this regard.


Making your website accessible to mobile devices further improves your customer base. That is because the majority of people nowadays make use of their mobile phones to shop online. Be sure that your website is mobile-friendly.
Keep Your Existing Customers Well-Informed
Your customers are busy people and they might not catch wind of all of your promos and discounts if you do not tell them.
You can either ask them for their email accounts by providing them an avenue to sign up or you can post an ad or a message after they finished purchasing your products so that you can contact them at a later time.

Provide Logistics Information

Having an e-commerce website allows you to sell your products to a global audience. This means that you’re going to be shipping your products to a number of people.
Integrate a logistics platform where your customers can see where their package is currently held at so that they will know when it will arrive at their doorsteps.

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