6 Website Design Tips that Will Have Your Audience Licking Their Screens

Web Design

A good website design can leave a good lasting impression. It can engage your website visitors, and makes them stay longer in your pages. If you want them to spend more time with your information, make sure to draw them in using a captivating layout from the best website design services.

Below are 6 website design techniques that will make your website look fantastic.

1.Use colors that make sense to your market.

The first thing you need to do is research about your target audience. What colors do you think will work for them? Selecting two primary colors to represent your online brand is a good start. Two main colors would be easier for your audience to recognize, and remember your branding.

2.Order your Information Hierarchically

Help your visitors navigate through your website more efficiently. Your readers and customers should be able to absorb every inch of information, in whatever order you want. It sounds confusing, but trust me, it can work.

Give the information on your website a specific order, based on importance. Make the most crucial details brighter, bolder and larger formats. Give it a breathing room—white spaces draw eyeballs.

But what about those details with the least significance? It’s okay to make it not as bright, less bold and a lot smaller.

As you lean towards this ladder of visual hierarchy, remember that the least important the data is, the less visual appearance it must carry.

3.Think About Your Website Visitors

An efficient website design begins with clear understanding of who you are trying to serve. Who is your target market? What do you think they’ll respond to? Make sure to answer these questions. The answers to these inquiries will be the bases of your color, typeface and image selection. Every element must resonate with your target customers and readers.

4.Speak their Language with Typography

Times new roman? Georgia? Verdana? These are all traditional fonts we are already tired of seeing. At this day and age, customized typography is recommended to further make a mark in your specific industry. By breaking away from traditional typography, you can express your brand’s personality more.

Customized typography is not expensive and complicated. There are plenty of great commercial fonts that can help fulfill your website and business goals. If you want to try a new platform, check out Google Font API. You can use it for free.

5.Tell Your Story with Enticing Images

Looking for correct images that may come with your written content may seem like a challenge, most especially if you are no photographer or any other artist. The best thing you can do to address this is to download free stock photos on reliable platforms.

Remember, a fantastic, high-quality photo can function as the cover of a dinner party invite. It gives people an impression of your event—your writing. Images can be processed more quickly by our minds, and can trigger curiosity. Good ones can definitely draw more readers, thereby improving your online presence.

6.Follow a Style Guide

So, you’re done choosing the right fonts, colors, typography and images. You have implemented visual hierarchy. It doesn’t end there. You need to maintain this amazing strategy so your website can flourish more. Make sure to maintain the simplicity and consistency of your pages by following a style guide.