6 Most Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced


Married people file for a divorce, especially if it has become so unbearable for them to live with their spouse under one roof. Although that is a sad thing for both spouses, this is something that will put money in the pockets of divorce attorneys. That being said, if you think that the most common reason for getting divorced in infidelity, you’re actually wrong (although that can be a reason). It is actually communication problems (or its breakdown). Today, I am going to talk about other common reasons why people get divorced.

Getting Married for All the Wrong Reasons

Are you the type of person that will always marry your ‘soulmate’? Are you the type of person that only marries another person if they have the money and prestige? Or, are you the type of person that lets your parents decide who you’re going to marry? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you might be on your way to filing for a divorce. Marrying for all of the wrong reasons is one of the most common explanation as to why people get divorced. You cannot rely on your soulmate, someone who has all of the resources, or letting your parents decide who is best for you- you have to decide who you’re going to marry on your own.

You Lack Individual Identity

Are you in a codependent relationship? If so, then there is a chance that you will reach a point that you are unhappy in your marriage. You see, you need to be able to express yourself even if your partner is not around. This means that you go out there and do the stuff that you want to do, eat the foods that you want to eat, listen to the music that you want to hear, and so on. Growing apart may be needed for a healthy relationship.

Becoming Lost in the Details

There are some people that get married that didn’t take into account a lot of things that are associated with married life. Career and children may change how the couples will react given the circumstances. Once their children grew and would leave the house, for example, most couples would forget why they got married in the first place because they got lost in all of the tasks and details associated with married life.

Not Being on the Same Page

Let me ask you this: do you really know your partner to the core? Once you get married, a lot of repressed behaviors come up, leaving couples surprised with each other.
Perhaps, you don’t like the idea that he spends a lot while you are thrifty. Or perhaps, your idea of a relaxing weekend would be to go to the beach while he wants to stay in the house and watch his favorite shows. These differences may look harmless on the surface, but believe me, it could drive any spouse nuts when they found out that they are actually quite different from their partners.

The ‘Magic’ Disappears

You might have been so madly in love with your partner which is the reason why you two got married. But, during the course of every married life, you might chance upon an off-day, maybe because you’ve done something wrong at work or some things just did not go your way. This may trigger a downward spiral and may indicate to the other party that your intimacy (or what’s left of it) is gone. Most couples would file for divorce if this is the case.

Unmet Expectations

There are going to be instances where expectations are unmet. If our partners are unhappy, we would resort to nagging or blaming behaviors in an attempt to sway our partners to change. However, what if your spouse will not change for you? What happens? Inevitably, such occurrences will usually result in the dissolution of their marriage.