4 Simple Lighting Ideas that Will Transform Your Bachelor Pad


Did you know that one of the aspects of a home makeover is to ensure that you are maximizing the lighting in your house? Whether you are building your home office or even just making sure that you want to live comfortably, having adequate lighting can surely do wonders.

In today’s article, I will be sharing some simple lighting ideas that will help transform your bachelor pad.

Experiment with the Unexpected

When installing some lighting in your house, you need not be bound by the usual rules and instead, you can experiment with it and see what works best for you.
Some ideas include placing outdoor lighting indoors, putting up a nice-looking chandelier to illuminate the entire living room, or perhaps experimenting with wall sconces to provide you with ample ambient lighting, among many others.

When Installing Lights

Even though you can be creative with your lighting, there are some rules that anyone can follow that will help you achieve the maximum intended effect. These rules are:

  • Accent Lighting – Accent lighting is mainly used to highlight or accentuate something; usually an artwork, plant, or anything that you want other people to see. They need not be seen and you can have them recessed so long as they provide you with adequate lighting.
  • Ambient Lighting – This is the secondary lighting apart from your main light bulb. This serves to help improve the overall lighting of any room in your house. This can be wall-mounted lighting fixtures, recessed track lights, or even chandeliers.
  • Task Lighting – Task lighting refers to anything that emits light that is focused on one particular area. Some examples include desk lamps and floor lamps.

Think About Getting Energy-Efficient Lighting

When you are thinking of providing some lighting to your home, you also want to think about energy efficiency as well. Energy-efficient lighting systems not only help you reduce your costs considerably but it can also save the planet as well.
That being said, you can opt for low-energy bulbs that have considerable wattage that can help illuminate every corner of your house.
When installing some lighting in your bedroom, you need not use those very bright lights. Instead, you can have the option of dimmable lights to help make you sleep faster.
For the bathroom, you have more freedom here. You can experiment with bright lights or you can take advantage of dimmable, ambient lighting options.
Your kitchen will require good lighting, so you may want to install some bright lights, as well as some accent lighting whenever you need to cut some vegetables, for example.

Buy Some Lampshades

A lampshade can actually help low-wattage bulbs look like they can emit more light than they could. This is a perfect way for you to help reduce your energy costs simply because the lampshade can effectively help boost lighting in certain areas. This is great if you want to read a book in the living room and you can have a lampshade stand right next to you to provide ample lighting.