4 Reasons Why People Uninstall Your App

Mobile App

Mobile app development company teams make it a point to create mobile applications that the people will love. Unfortunately, there are some people who will download an app from the store and will ultimately just uninstall it a few minutes after. Why is this so?

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There are plenty of reasons why people do this and today, I am going to talk about the 4 most common reasons as to why people uninstall your app.

Bad Performance

There are some apps out there that are just poorly optimized. It could be crashing a lot, it could heat up a phone, and it could eat up so much battery and that is why people just uninstall the app altogether.

No one wants to use an app which offers bad performance because it is just frustrating. And, there are just so many alternative apps that they can download and use and so people do not have the patience if an application is behaving poorly.

No Frequent Updates

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of apps in the mobile ecosystem and that people would always want one that is frequently updated.

You see, different features and functionalities are being added in each and every version of the mobile operating systems and it would be a waste if an app developer does not take advantage of them.

So, if your consumers find that you do not update the app frequently, they will uninstall the app and find another similar one.

Plenty of Unnecessary App Permissions

For an app to perform all of its core functions, it asks the permission of the user first to access certain phone features. There are some apps out there that ask way too many permissions; some are not even required for the app to function.

This can be a little shady and it will make people think twice about using your application for a long time. People are concerned about their privacy and if apps demand to ask more from the user, then it will get uninstalled in no time.

Doesn’t Have Amazing Features

There are some app developers that put certain features on their page that will hopefully entice consumers. However, when the person installs the app on their phone, they’re disappointed because it just doesn’t deliver what it promised.

There are some app development companies who are not truthful in the sense that they over hype their products, only to under perform when a person uses it. What’s worse is that if it is a paid app and it doesn’t deliver on its promise, it can leave a bad mark on the company.

So, to avoid this, be honest with your customers. Only list the features that the app does and do not try put bogus claims.


App development is not cheap and even though you try your best to make it more enticing to people, they might just uninstall it due to a variety of reasons. You might have under delivered, you might have asked way too many permissions, you don’t update it too often, and it might just perform badly when compared to other similar apps.