2 Key SEO Tips

2 Key SEO Tips SEO

2 Key SEO Tips for Multi-Location Businesses

Do you want to improve your business’ local SEO strategy? All businesses of search engine marketing with multiple locations should ensure that all customers can find their offices. Implementing a strategy that can show the various business locations may be a challenge, but it is highly possible. Make sure that your search engine optimization ranking is the high. This can drive in more readers and customers

Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Multi-Location Businesses

1. Optimize your website.

2 Key SEO TipsIf you want to organize a campaign showing all your business locations, you should optimize your website for local SEO. By doing so, no matter where your clients are, they can find your store. You can do this writing unique, optimized content that is highly relevant to your target market.

2. Incorporate your addresses to different local listings.

If location-based optimization is implemented efficiently, it can drive new customers to several business locations. Add your company locations to Google MyBusiness locations. You can use it for free.

Yelp is another good platform to list business locations. This website has more than 135 million users, so it can really make difference in your online visibility.  Remember, your goal is to make your business pop up whenever people search for the services or products you are offering.

Done signing up in Google MyBusiness? Then, add the unique URLs for each of the business locations, as well as the respective social media profiles.

Are you getting some negative reviews? Don’t panic. This is the perfect opportunity to show your customers that you care about them. Provide them with a brilliant customer service experience. Attend to their concerns, and exceed their expectations!

Are you unsure about implementing a local SEO strategy?

If you don’t know how to start, do some research first. Look at how other companies are doing their strategies. Below is a list of companies with several locations. Look at how they campaign for their various branches and offices.

2 Key SEO Tips